Through the Eyes of a Son

~ Hospice Georgina ~

When you live in England and receive a call saying your mother in Canada is facing cancer surgery and chemotherapy, it’s a crisis.

Recently Harry had such a call and although he came to Georgina to be with his mother, it was clear that a two week trip wasn’t going to be enough. Luckily, Harry called Hospice Georgina to see what could be done to help his mother. Our experienced staff met with the whole family, including Harry’s sister, Candace, who lives and works nearby. The question that pressed everyone was how can we get through this crisis in the best way?

Hospice staff were able to name a number of agencies that could help and described the services each offers. Harry and Candace listed what they and their mother needed. Soon they were able to put together a plan and Hospice made the necessary referrals to other agencies. Some friends and neighbours had expressed concern but didn’t know what to do. They also became part of the team to cover some of the hours when Mrs. H. would be alone. Hospice matched a volunteer to the client and together they made up a support team to care for Mrs. H.

Struggling with cancer is never an easy experience but Mrs. H. had a support team that would help her, whatever the outcome. Harry would hear from his mom every other day about what was happening and the team would bring caring and reassurance to Mrs. H.

While outsiders sometimes think of this kind of work as depressing, there is a sense of doing something worthwhile that is inspiring at many levels. Those who help develop a sense of satisfaction and confidence in their skills.

Mrs. H. has had the surgery and has begun treatment, Hospice will journey with her to help her have the best quality of life that is possible. We work with each person at a time, in a way that reflects their needs.

It is how every one of us would like to be treated in life’s crises.

– Testimonial by Harry, Hospice Georgina

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