Hospice Wedding

Brittany Wilson knew one thing about her wedding day – her dad Matthew would accompany her down the aisle. But in late Spring 2022, Matthew was admitted to the Yee Hong Peter K. Kwok Hospice for the last leg of life’s journey.

Nazira Jaffer, the hospice’s Executive Director, believes personalized, dignified hospice care requires a focus on end-of-life goals. “We were going to make this happen for Matthew and his family.”

Staff arranged daily gazebo visits to help Matthew gradually accustom to the process of transferring from his bed to a Broda Chair and adjust to the outdoor environment. All the while, encouraging pep talks and spontaneous “Get Me to the Church on Time” sing-alongs with his nursing team helped prepare Matthew emotionally and mentally for the wedding.

Read more about Brittany’s big day here https://www.yeehong.com/peter-k-kwok-hospice/hospice-wedding/


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